2. Aims and Objectives


The aims and objectives of the union are:

2.1       To organise and unite into one workers’ union all workers employed in the mining and energy industries in Namibia including any other sectors/operations in which labour is still not organised, so as to be able to struggle effectively and victoriously for their economic and social welfare;

2.2       To play a role in regulating industrial relations in the interest of the workers;

2.3       To negotiate on behalf of the members and settle any disputes between members and their employers on the basis of collective bargaining;

2.4       To improve constantly the wages and salaries as well as the working and living conditions of its members;

2.5       To struggle for the improvement of job security of members and to advance their employment prospects;

2.6       To fight against apartheid or any other form of discrimination or segregation imposed on the members;

2.7       To struggle against the contract system, and the migrant labour system and their detrimental consequences on the members;

2.8       To fight against all humiliating practices directed at members, and for the mutual respect and dignity of all everywhere;

2.9       To educate and conscientise members on relevant subjects such as Namibia’s industrial history, and to highlight the role played by the workers in the country’s industrial and social development;

2.10     To establish contact and maintain a close relationship of co-operation and solidarity between mineworkers and other industrial unions or union federations inside and outside Namibia for the sake of Labour Movement unity;

2.11     To seek merges where applicable with other sister unions.

2.12     To promote projects and provide facilities for the members’ self-education and intellectual satisfaction;

2.13     To promote, support or oppose any action as might be in the interest of workers in general and the Trade Union Movement in particular;

2.14     To fight for and uphold the democratic rights of all workers, both in workers’ organisations and in the Namibian society as a whole;

2.15     To make representations to a legal, popularly elected Namibian government on labour and Trade Union legislation and other matters affecting workers;

2.16     To do all other things not inconsistent with the Constitution to promote the interests and welfare of workers.