9. Dissolution


9.1     The Union may only be dissolved subject to the further provisions of this clause 28.2 below, by a resolution of National Congress, provided at least three quarters of the delegates vote in favour of dissolution.

9.2     Should the NEC/CC resolve to dissolve the union an Extraordinary National Congress may be requisitioned in accordance with clause 11.10 above to reconsider the matter. Should no such Congress be requisitioned within one month of the dissolution decision, such decision shall become final.

9.3     Once the dissolution decision has become final, the available members of the National Executive Committee shall appoint a liquidator to effect the dissolution. The liquidator shall not be a member or employee of the union, and shall be paid such fens as may be agreed upon between him/her and the National Executive Committee. He/She shall be responsible for paying the union’s debts, disposing of its assets, and generally for winding up the union’s affairs, and shall be vested with necessary powers in this regard. None of the assets of the union shall be distributed to members upon dissolution other than to discharge any indebtedness to a member. The remaining assets shall be distributed to a labour organisation with aims similar to those of the union, or to a worker’s insurance, provident or benefit fund, at the election of the National Executive Committee.