7. Industrial Matters and Labour Disputes


7.1     Industrial Councils:

The Central Committee may resolve that the union shall become a party to an Industrial Council within the mining and energy industries. In such an event, the Central Committee shall elect by secret ballot from amongst its members persons to represent the union on such Industrial Council, in accordance with the terms of the Constitution of such Industrial Council.

7.2     Conciliation Boards:

The National Executive Committee may resolve to apply for the establishment of a Conciliation Board in respect of any dispute at Branch level. It may also refer any such dispute to an Industrial Council with jurisdiction. It may resolve to initiate any legal proceedings, relating to such an application or referral. It may authorise any of its Committee members to take all necessary steps and sign all necessary documents in connection with such an application, referral or legal proceedings. A Branch Executive Committee may perform such functions mutatis mutandis in respect of disputes at Branch level.

7.3     The Union Body which applies for the establishment of a Conciliation Board shall elect representatives to such a Board in the event of its establishment.