3. Membership: How do I join?


3.1       Membership to the Union shall be open to all workers employed in the mining and energy industries including any other sector/operations in which labour is still not organised, and workers in any undertaking auxiliary or ancillary to the mining and energy industries as per clause 3 of this constitution.

3.2       Any worker wishing to become a member of the union shall direct his application to the Branch Executive Committee of the area of his employment.

3.3       Application for membership shall be in writing by way of completing a membership application form.

3.4       Upon completion of membership application form, the applicant shall be admitted as a member, and a membership card shall be issued in his/her name. Click here to download form

3.5       (i) The new member’s name shall be entered into a Branch Members’ Register immediately upon becoming a member.

(ii) The Head Office shall keep all database of MUN members and issue membership cards.

3.6       The Branch Executive Committee may upon its discretion accept or reject a worker’s application for membership.

3.7       A worker whose application has been rejected by the Branch Executive Committee’s may appeal against such decision at the next Branch Biennial Conference. The appeal shall be lodged in writing at least seven days prior to the Branch Biennial Conference. The appellant shall be entitled to appear in person at such meeting for the purpose of making representations in support of his appeal.

3.8       The decision for the Branch Biennial Conference on the application shall be final, provided that the appellant may apply afresh after at least 12 months have passed after the Branch Biennial Conference.

3.9       Every member shall pay a monthly subscription fee of 1% (percent) of his/her basic salary. The subscription fees shall be payable direct into the MUN National Account by the employer.

3.10     Receipt slips shall be issued immediately upon receipt of subscription fees unless check-off facilities are in operation. A record shall be kept of the contribution of each member.

3.11     All membership subscription fees and other monies due to the union and collected from members shall be deposited in the union’s banking account within a period of seven days from receipt thereof.

3.12     In case of contract workers, members shall be exempted for the period they are out of contract, provided that proof of the termination of contract shall be obtained one month in advance.

3.13     A member shall not be in good financial standing if he is more than three months in arrears with the payment of his subscription fees, unless he has been exempted there from.

3.14     Only a member in good financial standing shall be entitled to the benefits and advantages of membership.

3.15     A worker shall cease to be a member if he is more than six months in arrears with the payment of his subscription fees, unless he has been exempted there from in terms of clauses 3.12 and 3.13 above.

3.16     The National Executive Committee may exempt any member from paying subscription fees for the period of one month or more in accordance with the merits of the situation example: illness or any other serious reasons and notice to resume work is given within one month.

3.17     A member shall be liable for the payment of any fees, (other than subscription or entrance), fines, and levies as might be deemed necessary and decided on from time to time by the National Executive Committee, the Central Committee or National Congress.

3.18     The National Congress may in special instances accord honorary membership to any person who in the opinion of the National Congress has a loyal record of service to the MUN.

3.19     A member in terms of clause 3.18 shall be exempted from the payment of subscription fees for the period of such honorary membership.