1. Scope of operations

  1. Scope

The union  operates throughout the whole mining and energy industries of Namibia including any other sectors/operations in which labour is still not organised and in any industrial activity in which employers and employees are associated for the purpose of:

1.1       searching for or winning a mineral;

1.2       crushing, reducing, dressing, concentrating or smelting a mineral;

1.3       producing a product of commercial value from stones;

1.4       extracting, concentrating or refining any constitute of a mineral;

1.5       generating and/or transforming any form of energy or any service thereof. Activities which includes the preparation and construction of generating units.


The scope includes those undertakings, enterprises, services, maintenance, operating, administration or activities incidental or ancillary to the mining and energy industries provided the words “mineral” is defined as any substance, whether in solid, liquid or gaseous form, occurring naturally in or on the earth and in the sea and having been formed by or subjected to a geological process and any other sector/operations in which labour is still not organised.